What is AICO?

The Analytical Imaging Consortium (AICO) was founded with the aim to bring together research groups from universities, institutes and industry and create a broad expertise platform for elemental and molecular imaging via state-of-the-art analytical techniques.

Imaging by AICO is associated with the lateral (2D) or spatial (3D) distribution of elements and molecules in various samples (biological, medical, environmental, archaeological, forensic, etc.) at the micro and macro level for high (sub-µm) and low (µm) resolution analysis, respectively.

Visualization and image analysis by dedicated software packages allows us to elucidate e.g. the mechanisms of uptake, transport, transformation and accumulation of elements in animals/plants, glass degradation mechanisms, etc. to advance science in multifarious disciplines. Additionally, morphological imaging techniques can be used to supplement the elemental/molecular imaging techniques.

AICO provides:

  • improved contacts between complementary research groups,
  • joint research activities,
  • student exchange,
  • easier access to complementary imaging instruments and techniques available among different research groups,
  • improved dissemination of knowledge,
  • facilitated collaboration with potential industrial partners,
  • transfer of the know-how to industry/final user,
  • establishing platforms for European and other projects.